Essex builders House extension in progress

Essex builders House extension in progress

Essex builders Cutting Edge Carpentry & Construction explain what to look out for when having an house extension.

It’s quite common for people to outgrow the house that they live in. As the family gets older we collect or ‘horde’ more and more things that take up room and as children get older, more space is needed to live in.

With current house prices at a low it doesn’t quite make sense to sell up and move house because the likelihood is that the value of your house will have gone down slightly.

One of the best options is to increase the habitable living area by building an extension. House extensions in Essex and house are fast becoming the best way to beat the property slump according to local building specialists.

Essex builders (C.E.C.C.) Believe that the major advantages of house extensions is that not only does it create extra living space for you and your family right now, it also adds value to your house so when the market is right and you do come to sell your property you will profit from your investment.

House extensions come in all shapes and sizes and will differ drastically to your requirements, budget and footprint of your land.

As a general price guide a house extension can cost approximately £1100 square metre so if you create a new room that is 4 metres by 4 metres this could cost around the £17,600 mark plus all associated fees such as planning permission, architects, surveyors etc however that investment could easily be recouped when you come to sell your house as you have created an extra room that serves more habitable living space.

Although it can be exciting to think that a single room can increase the value of your house, it’s important to plan properly as a well planned project will result in fewer problems during and after the project, with Essex builders Cutting Edge Carpentry & Construction this will never be an issue.

The general process and most important things to think about when planning a house extension are:

Think about and sketch some basic layouts and plans yourself.
Approach an architect with your rough sketches who will be able to translate and mould your plan into a cost effective and feasible blueprint.
Get planning permission using you plans from your architects.
Using the finished plans from your architects you can then shop around and get some quotes from builders.

When agreeing the contract with the builder it can be useful to agree a breakdown of the payment at different stages of the project as this will incentivise your builder to work as closely to the project deadlines as possible.

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